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Making of: Anna´s and Francesco´s golden dresses

Saturday 16th September, wedding of Anna Attiliani and Francesco Betti, also known ans Damisella and Todeschino , who actually lived in the Imola at 14th century. It all started year ago in Visby, Gotland. My young italian friends Anna and Francesco lived with us in Battle of Wisby camp. One day we were again taking a walk to the old town, and they asked me to take their photo at their favorite spot. I did. They looked happy and very much in love so I sait that "you can use this at your wedding invitations". You see, ten years ago me and Riku were in Visby and we got our picture taken - and year later we used that picture in our wedding invitations. This young couple looked at each others and started to giggle. "Psstt.. this is a secret and you are first to know... we are getting married, next year". Later that week they came to me. They had a question about their wedding. "Would you make our dresses", they asked. "Of course I would, it